Welcome to Wild Arts Social Club


Wild Arts Social Club was founded in December 2013 as Where the Wild Things Are – Bohemian Adventures on meetup.com. On 23 February 2015, Dare Devil Singles Meetup group was created to cater for the high demand for singles events. In July 2021, we incorporated to become an amalgamated not-for-profit group under the name of Wild Arts Social Club Ltd.


A community communes. The whole point of this group is to have enjoyable, creatively stimulating, socially enriching experiences together. By coming together to commune, people experience each other and are experienced by each other creating shared memories and generating a collective identity.   

It is the connection community members have with each other which holds it together. Though a shared interest with the group may be what attracts them initially, it is the relationships they form with other members which connect them to the community that keep them coming back. Our events, therefore, are designed and continually evolved to enhance people’s ability to experience each other.  Art is a key tool we use in this.


Art is the main tool we use to build and sustain our community. Social Art is the strategy we are using, that is, the particular method of applying this tool. Wild Arts Social Club facilitates all types of engagers from dedicated artists to casual creative socialites. 

Commercial art is presented in live formats such as concerts, gigs, cabarets, and so on. In contrast to this, social art is presented as part of artistic social ritual. Artistic social rituals celebrate occasions, tell stories, explore issues, and raise questions relevant to the community. They incorporate various artistic mediums as well-structured social activities. Wild Arts Social Club experiments with and develops its own artistic social ritual event formats such as the Slow Friending Dinner Concert.

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